Rough Diamond for sale

Rough Diamond for sale . are you looking for Rough Diamond , or searching for a place to buy Rough Diamond , you have landed in just the right place , we are not only here to sell Diamond , we will also teach you more you need to know about gold ,

Rough Diamond for sale


Rough Diamond for sale . are you looking for Rough Diamond , or searching for a place to buy Rough Diamond , you have landed in just the right place , we are not only here to sell Diamond , we will also teach you more you need to know about gold ,


Interested in rough diamonds? you are in the right place


A rough diamond is an unprocessed, uncut diamond and a gemstone with a lot of mystery. The quality of the diamond cannot yet be determined in its uncut state. Only after grinding and polishing can its quality and purity become recognizable. but here with us we give you the opportunity to buy rough diamonds from us ,

Even the most modern techniques cannot be completely used to determine the quality of rough diamonds. Ultimately, the expertise of a diamond cutter is decisive.


Where can one buy

diamonds for sale
diamonds for sale


we have rough diamond for sale here , It is very difficult to buy a rough diamond as a private individual but we are here to do that for you, as the rough diamonds are sold directly to diamond cutters all over the world via the diamond exchanges. Private individuals do not have access to these rough diamond exchanges, so only polished diamonds are offered to consumers.


Where do rough diamonds come from?


The World Trade Center for Diamonds is now located in Antwerp. From the diamond mines around the world (in Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Russia and South America), the rough diamonds are delivered to the rough diamond exchanges in Antwerp, from where they are sold to diamond cutters. Private individuals do not have access to these rough diamond exchanges.

The largest exchanges for rough diamonds

The Diamantkring in Antwerp is the world’s largest stock market for rough diamonds. The rough diamonds from the stock market are sold through diamond polishers all over the world. Most rough diamond cutters are in India, Israel, China or Belgium. There the rough diamonds are precisely cut and polished.

Cutting rough diamonds

buy rough diamonds from us now. , Before a diamond is cut, it is very difficult to estimate its quality. The quality of a diamond is determined by four criteria, the so-called four C’s: color, carat, cleanliness and cut. An expert is necessary to cut a diamond, because only the cut shape brings out the maximum shine and brilliance of a diamond.


How does the diamond ultimately reach the consumer?

After cutting, the diamonds go to wholesalers via the diamond exchange for cut diamonds and from there to jewelers, goldsmiths and jewelry manufacturers. From here, the cut diamonds are offered for sale to the consumer, either in the form of a value investment or as beautiful jewelry.


Only a few carats of diamonds are extracted from several tons of rock in a diamond mine. They are still unprocessed, look dull to glassy like broken ice cubes and still have a long way to go before the raw stone becomes a sparkling jewel. Find out everything you need to know about rough diamonds and purchasing them.

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rough diamond

Where can I buy rough diamonds?

you can buy Rough Diamond now from us , The worldwide diamond industry is almost a closed cosmos, from the mines with their large operating companies that extract the gemstones, via the diamond exchanges where the rough diamonds and polished stones are traded, to the cutters who transform the diamonds into jewelry, which can be used in jewelry or as jewelry. investment can be used.

That is also the problem with the purchase of rough diamonds: end buyers do not exist in this system, which, except in the large mining companies, rests on old traditions such as contracts via a handshake, family ties or regional ties and established logistics chains .

Private individuals are not allowed access to diamond exchanges. You cannot just take a rough diamond to a cutter. To even find someone who masters the art and accepts private commissions at a fair price is a challenge. The cut diamonds must also be certified; a 4C certificate increases marketability and gives confidence in the quality of the diamond.

Interested in buying rough diamonds? The rough diamonds, which are offered in large quantities online through various marketplaces and auction platforms , are almost exclusively low-quality diamonds . They are suitable as collectors’ items for mineral collectors, but have no real value and are therefore not suitable as a monetary investment.

There is another decisive factor: Analyzing the quality of a rough diamond , how it can be optimally split and cut, requires years of experience and a very expensive technique . What value hides behind such a stone is much more difficult to assess than with a cut diamond.


How does a rough diamond create a polished gemstone?

Diamonds were formed millions of years ago at great depths under high pressure and heat. Most will never see the light of day, only where diamonds have risen to the surface through kimberlite chimneys, a kind of express elevator for magma, can diamonds be mined.

Diamond mines look like giant snail shells from above and spiral into the ground. The stones are removed and made smaller, the diamonds are washed and pre-sorted in a special process. The stones that are suitable for making jewelry end up at diamond exchanges through distributors , where they are sold and cut by diamond cutters. They then go directly to commercial buyers or go through the diamond exchange again.

At the end is the jeweler or diamond dealer , who offers you the jewelry or loose diamonds. Depending on the provider, the gemstones come directly from the source of the cutters or go through a network of middlemen , which has a decisive influence on the price.


How much do rough diamonds cost and are they a good investment?

The price of rough diamonds can vary depending on the size and quality from a few Euro to several millions , even for average stones in addition to the extreme ones there are significant price differences. Without grinding and certification, quality generally cannot be determined via the 4C .

Have you thought about buying rough diamonds? At first, purchasing rough diamonds may sound attractive; the idea of ​​buying an uncut stone cheaply, like finding a treasure, which turns out to be the jackpot. But the reality looks different. You will not find rough diamonds on the market that have not already been extensively tested by experts and have a price that matches their value. You will not discover sensational bargains, nor multiply the money invested.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are clear: buying rough diamonds is much more speculative than buying polished stones. The salability is smaller compared to certified cut diamonds . The costs of having the stone professionally cut on your own initiative are so high in Europe that you ultimately pay more than if you had immediately purchased a cut diamond. Furthermore, cutting always poses a small risk: if the stresses in the stone are not recognized in advance, the diamond can crack during cutting and be irreparably destroyed.

So the fact remains: Buying rough diamonds is risky and for a layman it is hardly possible to assess the actual value. If you are looking for a serious investment with much less risk and an attractive return, then purchasing polished diamonds with a certificate from the laboratory, for example GIA, is by far the best choice.



The “outside” market

This market offers many more possibilities than the CSO, especially if your financial capacity is modest. It is made up of diamond wholesalers, diamond exploitation companies and purchasing offices. For example, the company Alrosa, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton

It is useless to tell you that it is mandatory to know about rough diamonds or to be accompanied by an expert in this field before purchasing anything. Scams are not rare and a neophyte in the field is more likely to lose money than gain it.

As for buying rough diamonds directly in producing countries, you should also be wary there. It is thought that in producing countries we will find rough diamonds cheaper than in Western countries, which is far from being an absolute truth. The companies that exploit the diamond concessions already have their diamond sales network, the same goes for the purchasing offices, they know perfectly well the value of the rough diamond and if you want to do business with them it will be with a minimum margin that will not cover the travel and lodging expenses incurred by the trip!

The price of the diamond rises with each intermediary, and this is one of the reasons for the rise in the price of diamonds. The craftsman who works in his concession and who discovers a diamond has the obligation to sell it to a specific buyer, and this buyer, who may work for a purchasing office or may be independent, has the possibility of reselling it to another buyer or to a purchasing office. In any case, the price of this diamond is going to increase. This diamond will sooner or later reach the hands of a purchasing office, which is the only one (along with mining companies) that can freely export diamonds from the country. But, as we have just told you, the people who work in these purchasing offices know perfectly well the value of the diamond and in these conditions carrying out a good purchase operation is difficult.

The best solution is to look for an opportunity in the producing country , in order to open a purchasing organization or partner with small diamond exploiters by modernizing their equipment and materials in exchange for having a stake in their society. Many of these micro-exploitations work with rudimentary equipment and do not have the financial capacity to move to a higher technical level. They have exploitation permits and relations with the Ministry of Mines, which makes the task much easier, and all that remains is to find the right compromise between both for future collaboration.

Finally, know however that the central banks of producing countries buy diamonds from their producers and resell them when they are short of foreign currency. This clue can lead you to a good deal, since the diamonds purchased by the central bank are diamonds of exceptional quality. But you have to be quick because everything is known in these countries and, when a diamond of such quality has just been discovered, a few hours are enough for the entire country to be aware of it and, if the country is aware, the diamondists of the entire world are aware. They are through intermediaries who work on their own in these countries. The diamond world is a very closed world where everything is known very quickly.


The Diamond Bags

They are a good means of obtaining rough diamonds, especially in the Antwerp diamond exchange .

Getting in touch with a diamond dealer or a broker is relatively easy and you will be able to safely negotiate and close your purchases. However, it is best to find out about the reputation of the company you want to deal with, as not all of them are the same.


The diamond black market

The black market would represent 50% of the world diamond market, so it should not be ignored. But as you know, it is not legal and you are free to try your fortune in this market where scams and bad tricks are not rare…

Know however that a large number of Westerners are expelled from diamond producing countries trying to traffic. The producing countries have people who allow themselves to be “convinced” in hotels and in strategic places in order to discover the “traffickers.” A neophyte has a high chance of losing his money, or even more. On the other hand, he has little chance of leaving with diamonds again…

Obviously, you may think that it is enough to go to the diamond mining areas to buy “at the source” and thus make a good deal. In theory this seems to be the best solution, but there too the producing countries that defend their interests have mine police, private police and other indicators that monitor these strategic areas and question anyone who does not have authorization.

Diamonds are highly desired and awaken all kinds of appetites, it was like that before you and it will be like that after you…

Surcharge (more than 10 to 25%) of lots of diamonds operated by certain people in certain African countries, tends to “discourage” regular buyers, to artificially “inflate” the purchase price of the rough di


Sale of rough diamonds

For the sale of rough diamonds, the first thing is to confirm if we really have a rough diamond . Diamonds are found mainly in deposits located in Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia . The main deposits of rough diamonds are exploited by mining companies and important companies in the sector. In some locations, you can find secondary deposits, of the river type, where you can find rough stones among which there may be diamonds.

The most common shape of a rough diamond is an octahedron that can be perfectly defined or slightly deformed, or even have the shape resulting from the combination of different shapes or crystals. Its surface is rough and very characteristic, easy to differentiate by presenting triangle-shaped marks unique to this mineral. The most common color is yellow, with some stones being completely yellow or colorless . They can also be brown or greenish.

Rough diamonds can be for industrial use (stones without quality to be cut), for collecting (due to their shape or gemological peculiarities) or for use as a gem in jewelry . Gem quality rough diamonds must be cut, faceted and polished to result in a faceted gem with brilliance, fire and luster. The pudlio process of a diamond is carried out by specialized companies and stoning masters.

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